Our fleet is company-owned, providing unmatched control and visibility of your shipments. We make substantial investments in our fleet each year to upgrade, expand, and maintain the very best equipment on the road, to ensure consistent and reliable shipments for our customers.

Our North American network of regional freight facilities allow you to gain efficiencies by moving products to and from the regional markets you serve.


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Satellite-based Web tracking allows you to run status reports on shipments in transit, on-hand, and delivered to assist you in making timely, accurate receiving decisions whether goods are landing at your dock or your customer’s.



We employ rigorous handling procedures, resulting in a damage rate of < .3%, and we maintain a commitment to easy, timely claims resolutions. Bar coding in terminals and warehousing means you can rely on 99.99% shipping accuracy.

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Zenith Global Logistics employs only highly experienced drivers with proven safety records. Our drivers average 7.3 years of experience, ensuring consistent, reliable shipments and the utmost regard for service and product handling.



We are fully CSA compliant with industry-leading ratings. As part of our a safety-first commitment, our fleet is fully equipped with electronic logs, so we can provide safe, reliable transport of your products.